For Registrars

How do I become a .PW Registrar?
Please fill in the form on the Registrars page to initiate the accreditation process

Do I need to be ICANN Accredited to be a .PW Registrar?
No, any company with a serious intention to offer .PW names, is welcome to apply for an accreditation.

Do I need to clear a Technical Test to become a .PW Registrar?
The technical registry services for .PW are provided through CentralNic. CentralNic does not require you to clear OT&E tests.

Is there an application or accreditation fee that I need to pay to become a Registrar?
No, you simply need to fund your advance account to start offering .PW names. There are no setup fees or additional application/accreditation fees.

I am already accredited with CentralNic, what do I need to do to start offering .PW names?
Simply sign-up for .PW from your CentralNic Registrar Console and you’re ready! No additional integration effort is required – .PW will be available through the standard CentralNic TLD integration you have in place.

Where can I find the technical information, process and policy details?
Accredited Registrars should have already received a copy of the operations manual and the roll-out policy details. If you haven’t received a copy, please contact us and we will send across the information.

For Registrants

What is .PW?
.PW stands for professional web – the internet destination where individuals and businesses across the world, can establish themselves as professionals. The .PW top level domain name aims to embody industry best practices to provide users with a highly reputable, quality namespace.

Who can register .PW domains?
Anyone in the world can register a .PW domain name – no country restrictions and no documents required! If you want to associate your individual or business website with the professional web, then .PW is your destination on the internet!

How can I register .PW domain names?
.PW names will be available through Accredited Registrars and their resellers Check the .PW launch details to know when .PW names will be come available for registration.

How much will I have to pay to register a .PW domain name?
The domain name pricing will be determined by the Registrar that you choose. We do however expect that .PW will be available at a very reasonable price point, allowing you to maximize the opportunity of establishing a professional presence online.

Are .PW names available in languages other than English?
Yes, you can register .PW names in a host of different languages including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and many more.

How is .PW different from a .COM domain name?
While .PW is meant for individuals and businesses that want to establish a professional presence in cyberspace, .PW will technically function just like any other .COM domain name.

What makes .PW special?
.PW is an internet namespace that has been carved out for those that want a professional identity on the web

.PW is NEW – you have an unlimited number of domain names to choose from, an opportunity that is no longer available in our top level domains such as .COM


.PW is secure, with stringent abuse mitigation policies that ensure an abuse-free, quality namespace for you

For Trademark Holders (Sunrise Period)

What is .PW Registry doing to protect the rights of trademark holders?
.PW Registry is sensitive to the needs of those who want to protect their Intellectual Property, and has thus implemented a number of important Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) that cater to their needs. We have partnered with TM.Biz, a reputed trademark validation agency, that has the expertise of having worked on other gTLD sunrise processes in the past. It is the intention of the .PW Registry to give trademark holders sufficient opportunity to secure their names and work closely with the IP community to mitigate abuse.

How can I protect my trademark in the .PW namespace?
.PW Registry has slotted in a 2 month long Sunrise Period from the 3rd of December, 2012 to the 15th of February, 2013. During this phase, applicants with valid trademarks registered before 1st December, 2012 can apply for domain names that are an exact or close match to their trademark. Contact your Registrar to submit your sunrise domain application today!

Is .PW Registry doing anything special for trademark holders?
Yes, we most certainly are! .PW Registry has implemented some unique processes keeping in mind the needs of trademark holders, including:

a. Pre-validation at ZERO cost
b. Application fees charged only once per unique trademark, irrespective of the number of names associated with the trademark

We also provide Additional Support for:
i. Domain name strings that represent a common misspelling or abbreviation of a validated trademark
ii. Domain name strings that include the addition of keywords as a prefix or suffix to the validated trademark
iii. Substitution for special characters allowed in domain names

Once I submit my application for a sunrise registration, can I correct the information submitted?
Based on the feedback from the IP community, .PW Registry has incorporated a special trademark friendly process that allows applicants to correct information associated with their applications. This will ensure that oversights and tiny mistakes that cost applicants, will not be a cause for concern. TM.Biz will handle the per-verification process and work with your Registrar to correct the inaccuracies. Connect with your Registrar for more details.

What happens if someone with a valid trademark also applies for the same domain name as me?
Eligible applications for the same domain name will proceed to an auction. The domain will be allocated to the winning bidder of the auction.

What options do I have if someone is using a domain name that I have a trademark for?
If your trademark rights are being infringed upon by another registrant, we recommend contacting the domain owner directly. You also have the option of using the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and the assistance of one of the authorized dispute resolution providers to resolve the dispute associated with the domain name in question.

Landrush Period

What is Landrush?
Landrush is a limited time opportunity post the Sunrise period, during which anyone can submit applications for .PW names. As this is the first open phase, Landrush presents a lucrative opportunity for anyone that wants to register a quality name.

The Landrush period will last for 1 month from the 18th February, 2013 to 22nd March, 2013.

Are there any restrictions on who can register domains during the Landrush Period?
Unlike the Sunrise period which is reserved for trademark holders, the Landrush period is open to anyone. If you think of a .PW name that you want, then this might be your only chance to get it before someone else does. There are absolutely no restrictions on who can register .PW names, and there is no limit to the number of names you can register during this phase.

What happens if someone else applies for the same name?
Domain names with two or more applications will proceed to an auction. The domain will finally be allocated to the winning bidder of that auction.

For Auctions

What happens when a single Domain Name has more than one applicant?
If there is more than one valid application for a Domain Name during the Sunrise or Landrush phase, the Domain Name will automatically be subject to an auction.

During General Availability, domains are allotted on a first-come first-serve basis

Where can I get more detailed information about the auctions?

Sunrise and Landrush Auctions will be handled by Namejet. You can find detailed information about the auctions here.

General Availability Period

What does General Availability mean?
General Availability opens up on 25th March, 2013. Starting 25th March, domain names will start becoming available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Are there any restrictions on who can register domains during the General Availability Period?
Absolutely none! Anyone from across the world can register .PW names. There are no restrictions and no limits on the number of names that can be registered.