.PW - The Professional Web

Millions of individuals and businesses are turning to the internet to establish a professional online presence. .PW is focused on providing this audience with first-choice names in an open, quality namespace – the ‘Professional Web’.

Backed by best-in-class partners, the .PW Registry will adopt policies and practices to create an abuse-free namespace that is safe and secure. .PW aims to be the new gTLD everyone’s been waiting for – providing users across countries, an internet destination that is truly global.

About Directi Group

The .PW TLD is being introduced to the global market as a strategic project of the Directi Group.
With over a decade in the internet industry, Directi is a $350m+ group of businesses, providing various web products and services to millions of global users. Directi businesses include Skenzo, Media.net and Radix Registry. Over 1000 employee strong, Directi currently has 5 offices across 4 countries.

Our Partners

Registry Technical Service Partner – CentralNic

CentralNic operates the registry back-end services for the .PW top-level domain. One of the world’s pioneering domain registries, CentralNIC has over 16 years of experience providing registry services and strategic consultancy to gTLD and ccTLD extensions. In 2012, CentralNic was recognised as a champion of international best practices in Quality and Information Security Management Systems by receiving the highly coveted ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) and ISO/EIC 27001:2005 (Gold standard for Information Security) certifications.


Sunrise & Trademark Validation Partner – TM.Biz

TM.Biz will provide trademark validation services for .PW applications during the Sunrise period. Its mainstay service applies the Lifecycle of a Trademark to Social Media, where it searches the top 500 social networks in real-time to determine the availability of a username matching a trademark.


Premium Name Partner – Afternic

Afternic is the world’s premiere domain marketplace, listing more than five million premium domain names available for sale and receiving more than 75 million domain searches each month—more than any other domain marketplace.

Founded in 1999, Afternic launched the first website where domain owners could list their domain for sale, and prospective domain buyers could review available inventory—connecting buyers and sellers of domain names for the first time, and creating the industry’s first domain marketplace